Are Wedding Videos Worth It?

We understand. Weddings are a huge investment and take a lot of time and effort to put together. It can be difficult to prioritize your budget. Wedding photography is often the top of the list for vendors to confirm and understandably so. You want to remember your day for years to come and share those incredible memories with family and friends. While photos do a great job of helping you remember your wedding day, do they really allow you to relive it?

As you flip through photo albums, or glance at framed images on the wall, can you hear the vows you exchanged to each other? Or the speech your mother and father gave that evening? Can you feel the energy on the dance floor or the emotion as the groom saw his bride for this first time? Maybe a photo can evoke that feeling, but a wedding video, complete with audio recorded on that special day, really allows you to relive every moment.

Here are a few reasons to consider investing in wedding videography for your big day…

A) Audio, audio, audio!

This is one of the biggest differentiators between wedding photographers and wedding videographers. Both capture moments, but a wedding video includes audio clips from vows, speeches, letters, and other bits of the day. Having these words captured and saved becomes even more special when family members pass away. You have your grandparents, parents, and other loved one’s voices forever preserved. Not to mention your own vows are frozen in time and available as a constant reminder.

B) Wedding videos tell the whole story.

We all love a good movie and the stories they tell. A professional videographer will have the ability to compile your wedding day memories into a cohesive story of the day. Some even offer the ability to include home videos if you have them, telling and preserving even more of your love story.

C) Relive moments in their entirety.

Pictures capture snippets, but wedding video allows you to rewatch whole pieces of your wedding day. Many wedding videographers offer options to have the ceremony and speeches filmed from beginning to end and edited into a separate video. This is also a great memory to have for those who couldn’t be in attendance.

D) Remember the candid moments.

Wedding videography tends to be more natural and candid than photography. As videography captures more movement, much of the content is more organic and follows the natural flow of the day. Many wedding videographers do encourage some posing prompts, but much of the day consists of documenting what is already happening. So those who may feel more camera shy can rest assured that wedding videography does not add more posing stress.

E) Share your day with those who couldn’t attend.

If you have family or friends not able to make the distance, a wedding video allows them to experience your day no matter where they are. Some videographer teams offer live-streaming, giving you the ability to share your wedding immediately. Even if this service is not provided, having a wedding film to send to loved ones is the perfect way to make them feel included.

While wedding videography is an added expense, we believe the evidence is clear that it’s a worthy investment to prioritize within your budget. Too many couples have expressed their regret in not having a wedding videographer capture their day, and we’d hate for you to be among them! Relive your wedding day and all that’s gone into making it special with a personal wedding film.

We’d love to be the team to capture your memories! Get in touch today about your date. We are happy to answer any questions you have about wedding videography!

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